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B120 Tma04 Marketing Essay

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MPC Basingstoke Ltd Marketing Essay

B120 TMA04

Written by Erin Austin

For Sue Hughes

Submitted February 2012

For this essay I have chosen to discuss my marketing experience with MPC Basingstoke Ltd who repaired my vehicle after it broke down.
They are an RAC approved garage, offering a broad range of services which boasts about its state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff.
The company has a good advert in Yellow pages which was backed up by an informative and inviting website. They offer competitive pricing and were able to offer a quick turnaround. They are also regulated by Bosch and OFT,1, so one could assume that they are a trustworthy and reliable company.
There were a few basic needs that framed my search. These included, the time it would take to repair my vehicle, the cost of repair and the reputation of the garage.
When collecting the ‘repaired’ vehicle, labour and parts were paid for. However, the vehicle was still inoperable. MPC had incorrectly diagnosed the problem and fitted a part that was not required.   No refund was given; in fact, more charges were applied for the additional labour and new parts required to complete the job.
Had the diagnosis been correct initially, the cost of the repair would have been significantly lower than the price I was charged for all the work done.
I have chosen to use the Buyer decision process and consumer buying behaviour concepts from session 3 and the relationship marketing concept from session 1 to analyse my marketing experience.
Typically there are 5 stages to the buying decision process, although consumer decisions do not always include all stages. Different factors can affect the consumer allowing or causing them to pass to the next stage of the process. Likewise, not all decision processes lead to a purchase.
The diagram below demonstrates the stages of the consumer decision making process....

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