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B120 Essay

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TGF Activity 4.3: How can consumers protect themselves against unethical marketing practices?
Having struggled for the last day or two with deciding what unethical marketing practice I could write about, the answer jumped out of the screen at me while watching ITV News stating that following pressure from consumer groups British gas had finally decided stop the practice of Doorstep Selling.
On this subject I can speak from personal experience due to the fact that I used to be a door to door Sales Executive Selling Gas and Electricity for another company.   I do have to admit that I was witness and also I am not proud to state I even used unethical tactics to sell my products such some of which I list below which I took from the Website www.consumerfocus.org.uk:
Consumer Focus research shows:
•More than nine out of ten people who have bought energy products on the door would never do so again
•Only 4% of people are positive about energy door step sales
•Only 1% of consumers see doorstep sales as a useful way to find out about products
•Only 3% have a positive view of any type of doorstep sales, down from 9% in 2009.2
•50% of those who sign up on the door for a product or service, and then changed their mind, signed up because they felt pressurised
•79% of customers would prefer prior appointments agreed before a sales visit
My simple advice on this subject is simply to always say no to doorstep sellers and if looking for a new utility provider then do your research and always check the small print.

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