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Axioms of communication Essay

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  • on October 11, 2008
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The principals or axioms of interpersonal communication are universal across cultural and ethical backgrounds.   Each one does not function as an entity on its own, but are closely interwoven and are part of any form of interpersonal communication.   In analysing communication as a transaction process, how interpersonal communication can be ambiguous and finally how communication is irreversible, inevitable and unrepeatable I will be looking back at past experiences and applying these principals that will allow me to learn to modify the ways and manners in which I communicate and thus enhancing my personal achievements both in the work environment and with friends and family.   We will not always succeed in applying these principals, but will be able to grow from each experience and change our mindset.

The three principals or axioms of interpersonal communication that I will be analysing are:-
1. Communication is a transactional process
2. Communication is ambiguous
3. Communication is inevitable, irreversible and unrepeatable.

DeVito defines interpersonal communication as both verbal and non-verbal communication that take place between two people or a small group of people in which they are connected or in a close relationship (2007).   It is a dynamic process where   by each person is changing and both parties will get something out (Verderber & Berryman-Fink, 2007). Axioms of communication are principals that are common to all or most interpersonal communication.

Interpersonal communication is a transactional process as there is no clearly defined beginning or end to the conversation and the message is changing dynamically as both the sending and receiver responds to feedback in order to ensure their message is received and understood by the other person(s) (DeVito, 2007). Both people are influenced by the actions and statements of one another and the ever changing dynamics of the conversation (Robert & Bryant, 2000).

Where I experienced...

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