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Avid Essay

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Hello, I am Jerrod Coleman and I am 14 years old. When I first heard about the AVID program, I was a little skeptical about the whole situation. But as I did some research about AVID, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself into taking on a course like this. I feel I have the skills and determination to complete all four years of this class at Monrovia High School. If or when you decide to choose me for this program I will not let you down.
I want to be enrolled in AVID for a lot of reasons. First reason is that I will learn how to be more efficient in my school work. In the past I have had problems staying organized and focused on school and schoolwork, but my organization skills have gotten better as well as my focusing skills. Secondly, I want something to look forward to after high school. With this class, hopefully I will adapt some skills on how to work things out in school and in the real world after high school. Lastly, I really, just in the end, want to better myself. I want to be someone more than who I am now, someone who people can look up too, a person that knows how to handle situations in an adult fashion. I want to be someone who is overall a great, hardworking, and caring person.
Enrollment in the AVID program will help me TREMENDOUSLY in my academics by setting a secure foundation for me. Having a class were I know that I have to work hard, and not give up, will give me a push into doing the same for all my other classes. With this one class, I will learn how to be successful all the way through college and after. I really need this class, I need hope, I need to know that after I get out of high school, I won’t be lost, and I’ll know what to do.
The role that AVID will play in helping me prepare for college, is teaching me the basic skills for applying myself, being organized, being smart, and staying focused. This class would mean so much to me because overall, I’d be a lot more ahead than the other students when it comes to college and...

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