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Automotive Technician Essay

  • Submitted by: vrepcake69
  • on March 27, 2012
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Career Paper on Becoming a Mechanical Engineer
Career Paper on Becoming a Mechanical Engineer
I chose the occupation of a Mechanical Engineer to research for this paper. Mechanical engineers “research, develop, and build machines that help others.” (Native Access) In my specific job as a Mechanical Engineer, I will be making custom parts for off-road vehicles. I have a lot of values that are important to me when choosing a career. In my career, I want to be making enough to have a medium- sized house and be supporting my family, and then still have some money left over to spend on other things. It is also important to me that there are a lot of jobs available in a lot of different places. As a Mechanical Engineer, I will have many choices available, since there is a lot of demand for Mechanical Engineers. The most important thing to me in choosing a career is like I like my job. As a Mechanical Engineer, I believe that I would like my job, and have fun doing it. This occupation is also good for me because you make a good amount of money. Also, I am good at and like Math and Science, and those are the two subjects that are most important in becoming a Mechanical Engineer. Also, as a Mechanical Engineer, you get to see what you are designing, and can see the big picture of things. That is why I chose this occupation to research.
“There is no typical day for most Mechanical Engineers.” (Career Cornerstone) But, Engineers usually work in an office on a computer, and also have to work with customers and other Engineers to get a project done. During the day, Mechanical Engineers will design a part, and then eventually get it made into a finished product. (Career Cornerstone) The usual working environment for a Mechanical Engineer is a clean office space, in some kind of building. Engineers will have to meet with other people, and a lot of communication has to be going on to get the project done in a timely manner. (Career Cornerstone) The normal work day of a...

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