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Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, And Automotive Essay

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Below is an essay on "Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, And Automotive" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Greasy fingers attached to bruised, cut, and swollen hands. This is the life of an automotive technician. This career pays well, but with the cost of sweat, blood, tears, and hard labor. Working on cars is a passion that usually starts as a hobby and than into a career. The life of an automotive technician can leave people in pain and cause them to retire early at a young age. Nonetheless, my dream jobs involve automotive careers; Automotive careers such as an automotive engineer, mechanical engineer, and automotive designer are all professional automotive careers. These careers are the best when it comes to the automotive industry. A life time of dedication and passion to cars is what makes these careers the most respected in the automotive industry.
          In essence, these careers meet my preferred quality and characteristics such as: hands on work, eligibility to work with a major auto company, and satisfaction. Hands on work, feeling and fixing with my hands is an advantage to me, because I can see my work.   Also, the eligibility to work with a major auto company means that you are of importance and value to the automotive industry. In addition, satisfaction is very important because having regular customers mean that you are trusted, reliable, and preferred.   After all, I love working for Toyota and seeing customers satisfied with my work as a current automotive technician in training.
          First of all, an automotive engineer is an extremely important job in today's society. They are responsible for testing almost every component of an automobile, and   to see if

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        everything is in reliable working order for the consumer (“Automotive Engineering Technicians”). An automotive engineer works in all types of environments from the garage all the way to the laboratory. This career requires you to be good with numbers and measurements. There is an association for automotive engineers and it is called the SAE which is the Society of...

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