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Australian Aboriginies Culture Essay

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  • on May 20, 2011
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Australian Aborigines Culture

                            Ant 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (GSF119H)


                                                  May 14, 2011

This kinship influences who one could marry and it governs many other aspects of everyday behaviors. Once adulthood is reached the person knows exactly how to behave towards everyone he or she meets, and what type of behaviors. Many of these forms of behaviors are considered necessary to show politeness and respect to certain relatives. Kinship is thus brought with it a set of obligations that one had to perform when relating to others. These obligations form a part of Aboriginal Law. One important aspect of kinship behaviors is that an individual is allowed to approach and talk to some relatives but not to others. These avoidance rules applied to both blood and class relatives. It does not mean that these people dislike each other it just means   If two people who are not permitted to speak wanted to exchange information, they have to find a third person to pass on this information Sharing food and giving gifts to certain types of relatives happen everyday. Other kinship behavior includes playing tricks on or teasing certain relatives. The main relationship in which this occurred was between a granny and her grandchildren, by both blood and class. There are still further kinship rules that governed dancing, ceremonies, camp layout and choosing hunting parties. We don’t have these kinship rules here in the 21st century a person can talk to, date, fall in love and marry out side their race .I’m so glad we don’t have these cultural rules here in the United States. My children can see whom ever they chose that they feel will make them happy and love and respect them forever. The Australian Aboriginal cultures have many rituals and different types of religion. One of these rituals is called "Dreamtime", which has many different meanings...

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