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Assignment Topic |
1. What factors need to be considered while devising control systems in organizations? Discuss some of the tools that could be used to facilitate the process.
Ques. 2 Identify five decision problems from secondary sources like business journals or Internet- which specific organizations have faced, and comment on the rationality of the decision that the organizations reportedly arrived at.
Ques. 3 To which beneficiaries of corporate behavior is management primarily responsible? Justify your answer |
  Ques. 1 What are the advantages of written communication vis-a-vis oral communication under
  what circumstances would you prefer written communication?
Ques. 2 List out any four barriers to communication and state how they can be overcome.
Ques. 3 (a)   Discuss this comment: “Long, involved sentences tend to be difficult to understand.
        Therefore, the shorter the sentence, the better.”  
(b)   It’s not what you say but how you say it. (Comment) |
Ques. 1 Discuss the general technological trends for information technology.
Ques. 2 Computer performs the four basic operations of input, processing, output and storage.Explain these operations and describe the basic organization of a computer system.
Ques. 3 “The Operating System of a computer manages the hardware and software resources and controls the interaction between the hardware and applications without user interference”. Justify the statement and write some new features of Windows Vista operating system. |
1. Managerial Economics is the integration of economic theory with business practice for the purpose of facilitating decision – making and forward planning by manager”.   Explain and comment.

Ques. 2 Define scarcity and opportunity cost. Show how these concepts are useful in managerial decision making

Ques.3 Cardinal Utility postulates that “Utility can be measured in monetary units by the amount of money consumer is ready to sacrifice for another unit of...

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