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Argumentative Essay In Poverty

  • Submitted by: yrg1060
  • on November 29, 2011
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An Argumentative Essay on Poverty: Insights into the Global       Poverty Problem Based on Theories of International Relations

Thesis Statement
Discussing the nature of poverty as a global problem is important because it’s thorough understanding, that we’ll find solutions. In gaining insights to issues on global scale, international relations theories can be used to understand the complexity of the subject. However, because of differences among the theories, it is important to dwell on a single theory that will give the most profound insight.
      The paper explores the theories of Realism, Post-colonialism, and Marxism and Critical Theory. These theories will then be related to the prevalence of poverty thereby identifying the best theory that gives valuable insight.
      It is considered that the Post-colonialism approach provides a valuable insight with regard to the global problem of poverty for the reason that it speaks of the presence of powerful entities reminiscent of colonial rule which provide imbalance and inequality in the societies of the world with their exploitative and endangering natures.

Poverty has been defined as the state of deprivation from goods and services that are essential to the maintenance of an adequate standard of living in a given society. Although the concept of poverty is considered relative, it cannot be denied that it magnifies the problem concerning inequality in a particular society (Levitan, 1990). In addition to this, poverty prevails and is considered as the defining problem for most of the population of the world thereby making it not only just the sole concern of a single nation, but of the whole world as well (Harrison and Dye, 2007). Escalating poverty as a global problem therefore means that its nature can be understood if one will take a look into the characteristics and facets of international relations.
To do this, it is important to discuss some key theories of international relations...

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