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Arab Spring Essay

  • Submitted by: BrosephineD
  • on January 9, 2012
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The ongoing Arab spring has changed the Arabian world and way if life almost entirely. It is defined as the Arabic revolutions against the Arabic government to protest labor discrimination, lack of jobs, and human rights. Protests have ranged from changing the governments entirely, to barely any changes at all.
The protests are never ending, but never the same. A young unemployed Tunisian man set himself on fire, a year ago. He did this after the officials stopped his attempts at making the only money he could get, selling fruit on the street. His act caused a wave of anti-government protests starting in Tunisia, and then spreading onto the entire Middle East. Some mark his act as the beginning to an end of oppression. Entire revolutions have only taken place in Tunisia and Egypt so far. Egypt recently had an election, in which the people voted for a president and a bicameral legislature. Once the elections have finished and positions have been appointed, a Constitution of Egypt will be made. Libya has not revolutionized yet, but the death toll count is by far the highest reaching between 25,000 and 30,000. Most of the death toll is caused by the civil war which is the only one occurring in the Arab world. When Gaddafi died the protests increased greatly, celebrating the death of a terrible ruler and dictator upon the country.  
Social media has played a huge role in organizing and liberating these protests. It contributed in global awareness, it “lifted the silence” on what was happening all around them. Social media gave immediate knowledge of the issue, where protests were happening, and what was needed in order to help. With most of the population being younger people, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other sites have played a not only a spreading role, but a source of education as to what was actually happening. Egypt saw this early on and shut down the internet, forbidding the Egyptian people from accessing it in hopes to stop the protests and regain social...

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