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Applications of Perspective Essay

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  • on November 27, 2012
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In application of this would work amongst children. By rewarding good behaviour with positive reinforcement the child will effectively repeat this good behaviour. By ignoring bad before, the child isn’t receiving any form of attention therefore they won’t repeat this behaviour in the future.

This is also applicable when working with a service user who has a phobia. Reinforcement can help a person overcome a phobia with a step by step approach. For example, if an individual had arachnophobia, the step by step approach would involve firstly showing the individual a photograph of a spider, and reassuring the person to a relaxed state. The next stage would be showing a video clip of a spider, or introducing a pretend spider. Gradually, the individual will go onto being in contact with an actual spider, as it has been reinforced that the spider has no harm to them.

Social learning

Social learning is when an individual replicates another’s behaviour because they think it is the appropriate or accepted behaviour. An example of this in the health and social environment could be if a nurse was to ignore specific hospital rules such as washing their hands once handling a patient, a student nurse will become influenced by this behaviour and ignore washing their hands or maybe other rules. The way to overcome this behaviour is by reinforcing appropriate care in the hospital, such as washing hands.

Another example of the social learning theory in a high school classroom environment, when one adolescent aggravates a teacher by behaving badly, other students will replicate this behaviour if they are inspired by or idolise the misbehaving student. A method of overcoming this behaviour is by enforcing sanctions, or removing the misbehaving student from the classroom, impacting the other student’s behaviour.


The psychodynamic theory is having thoughts or memories in the unconscious mind, which affects an individual’s behaviour or...

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