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Appendix Essay

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Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis is an extreme and severe allergic reaction. It is an exaggerated hypersensitivity to reaction to a previous encountered antigen |     * Swelling   * Hoarse voice   * Shortness of breath.   * Increased heart rate   * Decreased blood pressure   * Stridor   * Increased respiration   * Abdominal pain and vomiting. |     * Food: nuts, some kind of fish etc.   * Drugs: especially penicillin, anaesthetic drugs, intravenous drugs.   * Latex: mainly in rubber gloves. |     * Recognition of clinical presentation   * Call for help   * Administer 100% of oxygen.   * ABCDE approach.   * Administer adrenaline and fluids. |     * See an allergist.   * Testing to determine the trigger.   * Avoiding triggers   * Medications   * Wear medical identification. |
Equipment failure in anaesthesiaAnaesthesia equipment problems may contribute to anaesthetic morbidity and mortality. |     * Variations in patient monitor.   * Absence of electrical trace (ECG,SpO2,CO2 etc)   * Safety alarms   * Indication of audible sounds (gas leakage)   * Patient stop breathing. |     * Breathing system malfunction   * Disconnections   * Vaporizers malfunction /empty vaporizers.   * Blockage in gas outlines.   * Safety valve malfunctions.   * Faulty alarm.   * Power failure |     * Recognizing awareness.   * Analyse the type and severity of equipment related problem.   * Immediate anticipation.   * Call for help.   * Identify the problem and resolve immediate |     * Complete satisfactory check of the machine before use.   * Have AMBU bag ready just in case if there any problem in breathing circuits.   * Call for help.   * Addition effort to improve safety where needed. |
Failure to IntubateFailure to intubation is an unanticipated difficult tracheal intubation during the induction of general anaesthesia |     * Hypoxia   * Fall in spO2   * No chest movement   * Cyanosis     * No CO2 trace   * Cardiac arrest |...

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