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Animals In Zoos Essay

  • Submitted by: Suzuki8
  • on November 26, 2011
  • Category: English
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Animals in Zoos.
  Zoos are public parks which display animals, generally for relaxation and education. They are an unsuitable environment for wild animals and many people say that they should be canceled, but in fact zoos have some advantages too.
  Zoos have advantages for humans. All little children know different kinds of animals from zoos because they learn how animals look like and what sounds they make. Scientific researches are made on animals in zoos; it is easier for scientists to investigate animals in zoos than to travel to the wild. It is easier for people to protect animals in danger in zoos rather than in their natural locations.
  Zoos have many disadvantages for animals. The major problem in zoos is that caves in which animals are kept are too small and they do not allow animals to live their natural life. This can torture animals because they are kept in the same cage all their life and they do not have freedom. Animals in zoos are not taught to hunt and react with other animals and nature because they do not have the opportunity to do that. In some zoos if animals do something wrong they are harshly punished and that causes internal conflict and aggression in animals.
  In conclusion, zoos help people protect animals in danger and develop our lives, but also that can ruin and add a negative side that can affect them seriously. Many people think that visiting the zoo helps to understand and respect wild life, but in fact people are only watching how animals suffer. I think we should conduct and investigation to find out what people think about keeping and developing zoos or shutting them down and is that good or bad for animals.


Animals in Zoos

Suzan Barghouti
Teacher: Abla Jabaji
Subject: English
Grade: 8th ā€˜Cā€™

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