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Anatomy and Physiology Essay

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P4- Explain the Physiology of two named body systems in relation to energy metabolism in the body.
In this essay I am going to be explaining how energy is made in the body and two body systems that help to produce this energy. “The metabolic systems are responsible for the chemical reactions within the body. These reactions are involved in the maintenance of the living organism and may be involved in reactions that break compounds down catabolic reactions or reactions which build compounds up anabolic reactions”. (King R 2012) They all require energy to work.
The first body system that is in relation to energy metabolism in the body is the cardiovascular system. This system consists of a four chambered heart; this is what pumps the blood around the lungs and lungs through a series of blood vessels. The lungs are known as the pulmonary circulation and the body is known as the systematic circulation. Our blood in our bodies contain a cellular portion and a liquid portion which is called serum, within the cellular portion there are erythrocytes, these contain pigment, haemoglobin, which is able to loosely bring oxygen and carbon dioxide together. The haemoglobin gives u oxygen so that it can go to areas where there are low concentrations of oxygen. Dissolved solids are contained in the serum, this includes nutrients and gasses which includes oxygen, the most important nutrients are glucose and oxygen, they are dissolved in the serum. The pulmonary circulation has the ability to replace oxygen and take it to the lungs, this is where deoxygenated blood is replenished with oxygen, this means that the deoxygenated blood from our lungs is distributed around our bodies by the systemic circulatory system, this system pumps the blood through arteries, arterioles and capillaries into the tissue of the organs. The blood circulates products of digestions from the ileum and from the storage in the liver, which mostly is glucose. Blood and interstitial fluid occurs when there is...

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