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All About Me Essay

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Being Passionate About Serving




Being Passionate About Serving

Life is here today and gone tomorrow it is very important to have a passion about what i do in life. Being passion about God taught me how to love myself and others. I don’t need to get any glory about being a servant of God, but I love to serve and to be a helper. The bible says so God so love the world that He gave His only   son that who so ever believes in him should not parish but have ever lasting life.[John 3:16] God gave so I give of myself. It is a song I heard my son sing, that says I give myself away so you can use me , my life is not my own to you   I belong, I give myself, I give myself away. [Williams McDowell] God gets the glory out of me and my family.


I love my family and work hard at trying to keep us in God’s will.
Loving your family can be a real test of faith. Sometime family can be the hardest people to deal with, because they do not respect as much as other people do. One thing about it, we still have to love them and do for them.   I have learned that it is hard to witness to my own people and to encourage them to stay in God’s   will, because they will discourage   me   if I   let them. The only way I make it is to tell myself that whatever I do it unto the Lord.

    There are other times my family helps me by working at the church in the food department stocking food, so we can make food bags to give to the needed. We started five years ago and, we gave food to 125 families a month. When we change city we lost most of those families and it’s like starting over again. We are seeking for new...

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