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Aliens Essay

  • Submitted by: wreklilly
  • on December 28, 2010
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Ancient Alien theorist and other theorist believe that in our past, thousands of years ago, aliens had landed on what is now Earth and had viewed as Gods because of where they had come from, the sky. A god is believed to come from the Skys or the Heavens. Well it is believed by these theorist that the people of ancient cultures viewed the aliens as gods when the cultures say the gods came down and helped there civilization. Theorist believed that it wasn’t the gods helping the cultures, but actually Aliens. The reason why the theorist believe this theory is because in ancient texts, cave drawings, stone sculptures and pyramids. During 300 B.C. through 800 A.D. you see ancient sketches that stretch up to 50 miles in the desert of Nazca, Peru. These sketches can’t be explained because you can only see the image in its entirety from a birds eye point of view.   Also these drawings were perfectly straight and did not waver. Considering we to this this day don’t have the technology to sketch pieces like this in the ground, especially with them being a straight line, theorist believe that this was a landing pad for spacecraft.

On the other hand, sculptures from 500 years ago and an even older monument from about 1000 years ago, show some pretty amazing work. Not only in the craftsmanship, but in the suppose strength of men. Easter Island of Moai   is commonly known as a spooky place because of what lye’s on its coastline. There are 887 man like structures with rather large heads. There about 13 ft. tall and weigh up too 14 tons. However, some of these structures are much taller and much heavier. Considering how many there are, to how heavy the sculptures are, to how detailed they are, we can draw the conclusion that this wasn’t human made. It would take very skilled men there whole life time to make just one of these, let alone transport it. However considering the ancient civilizations didn’t have sophisticated tools, this task is pretty much impossible to someone in...

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