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Alcohol and Rape Essay

  • Submitted by: rheavang
  • on April 21, 2009
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Date Rape by Alcohol Abuse
There are people who asked all the times why alcohol were considered the most common things to be used in date-rape. The simple answer to that question is easy because it is least expected to go wrong. You never know what people planned to do to you or other people. Alcohol consider easy because it seems to be so common that people do not think of such consequence of going wrong in a few drinks. The outcome of being unaware of your actions and actions of others to no memory of what happen when during your intoxication of being powerless leads to “RAPE”.
Guys are not always to blame for rape just because they are manly does not mean they force you. It could have been the female victim that led the case to unsafe sex that turns into rape. For example, the party started off with everybody drinking and having a great time. You could get really sober up and soon enough you would be all over your boyfriend or the date. This led to unsafe sex because in your mind you kept saying this could never happen because my boyfriend would look after me. The other alternative, he will look after you really good if this was what he planned to do. You are heavily intoxication and you are powerless against him. There could be violence physically and verbally. His repeating questions of making you agree to his actions. Since you are unresponsive and do not really know what you are saying at times. He take advantage of this as yes or just do what every he likes. This relates back to memory loss because what he knows of how you would not really remember what happen.
My step brother was involved in rape in alcohol uses. He did not attend to really do it but what if you were in his position and the girl was all over you. He was quite sober up also but the girl was not sober too much. She realizing his intention because he was too drunk and she end up being raped. She sued my brother with rape in alcohol abuse. My brother was fined but she was just...

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