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Advocacy in Human Services Essay

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  • on June 3, 2013
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Advocacy in Human Services
Xylona Julianne Darané
University of Phoenix
Nicole K. Fogel
November 28, 2009

Advocacy in Human Services
This paper is about the issue of advocacy in the human services field, and will explain what advocacy is, how it works, including the three different approaches to advocacy. This paper focuses on one approach. The discussion will focus on one specific population. The population used for this paper will be the homeless, and will include a culmination of the mentally ill homeless populations.
About Advocacy
“The word advocacy derives from the Latin avocare, meaning “to summon one’s help” (Leviton & Greenstone, 1996, p. 216).  An advocate can help clients handle issues better on their own by working with them to help the client better understand the issues at hand, or the advocate can help the client by “acting on behalf of” (Leviton & Greenstone, 1996, p. 216) the client by assisting the client with issues he or she may not be able to do without help.
“The greatest need for advocacy generally come from disadvantaged groups in society” (Leviton & Greenstone, 1996, p. 216).   The disadvantaged group chosen for the main focus of this paper is the homeless population. Many people who are homeless are mentally ill and cannot handle holding down a steady job, or have been homeless for so long that they are cannot become situated. Many homeless people do not know about the many resources of help that is currently available. If a child is on the streets, and never receives any help, they become adult homeless people eventually; by that time they have been homeless so long that it becomes a way of life.

Approaches to Advocacy
Advocacy can be approached on several levels; individual; to help a client with a specific issue, administrative; helps the client change an agencies policies, and policy...

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