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Advantages and Disadvantages of Egypt Essay

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  • on October 11, 2008
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Egypt

Egypt is a city that has undergone many advances and fairly quick. It has been blessed with many natural gifts due to its geographic location. Egypt has many advantages as well as disadvantages when it’s culture is analyzed. Some advantages Egypt has but are not limited to are the Nile River, a written language, and technological advances.
The Nile River is a huge advantage that Egypt has when compared to any other city or village. The Nile is such a big deal because Egypt has such a dry climate and it being the longest river in the world provides water for a lot of people.   In addition to supplying water, the Nile also provides silt. The river floods annually to provide a very rich, organic soil which is perfect for farming. Observation of annual floods eventually lead to the development of a calendar, which is very similar to ours today in the sense that it too was a three hundred and sixty five day year. Things are becoming very agricultural and the silt the river leaves behind provides a big boost for Egypt’s agriculture. Farmed products can also be traded through the Nile. It serves as a route of transportation for goods to other cities. Something else the Nile provides by being such an important source of water is fish. Aquatics is being discovered and inhabitants are beginning to fish for food. The Nile is the largest asset in my eyes, but Egypt is also going through many technological advances during this time period.
Another advantage Egypt has is its technological advances that are encountered during this era. Egypt has learned how to preserve the bodies of the dead through burial in the Sahara Desert. It takes a few years, but the Egyptians master the techniques of embalming and mummification. Egypt has also started to use metals such as copper, silver, gold, and iron. Iron is the most beneficial because it is very tough and has many uses. It will also be beneficial in times of warfare. Trade through use of...

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