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Adhd in the Classroom Essay

  • Submitted by: NovelPrincess
  • on May 23, 2013
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Teachers Can Adapt Classroom Environment and Routines to Help Non-medicated Students with ADHD

XXXXXXXX University
English 313-200

Sentence Outline
Thesis:   In addition to lifestyle changes, educational adjustments in school can help make concentration easier for many children with ADHD.

  I. There are several solutions to ADHD symptoms.
  A. Diagnosis is the first step.
  1. A teacher may be the first one to notice the symptoms.
  2. Parents should contact a professional for an evaluation.
  B. There are other steps besides medicating.
  1. Adjustments can be made at home.
  a. Television use should be limited.
  b. Parents should read to children.
  2. Informed teachers can help.
  II. ADHD and school can go happily hand-in-hand together.
  A. Teachers need to be proactive in their classroom management.
  1. Routines, rules and procedures need to be immediately taught.
  2. Students’ behavior needs to be monitored.
  3. Appropriate behavior should be rewarded.
  B. There are important ways to get students’ attention.
  1. Auditory techniques are key to obtaining focus.
  2. Visual techniques are important.
III. Communication with parents is essential.
  A. Teachers need to establish open lines of communication.
  B. Students also need to communicate with parents and teachers.
  IV. Teachers can help with time management.
  A. Practice time estimation in the classroom.
  B. Use of a timer can be helpful.
  C. Dependable study buddies can help model writing in planners.

When we hear the acronym ADD or ADHD, we usually next hear the work medication.   Instead of immediately medicating children with this disorder, we should push for parent training, specialized classrooms and social skills training.   Medication is relatively inexpensive, highly profitable, easy to give, and takes almost no effort.   Parenting and teaching...

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