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Adhd And Children Essay

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  • on April 18, 2011
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“Associations Between Content Types of Early media Exposure and Subsequent Attentional Problems” is an article that was written to discuss the impact of television and attention problems in young children, specifically ADHD. The article discussed a study that was done in 1997-2002. In the study children of the ages of 5 and under participated in the project. Children ages 3 and under were in one category and 4-5 year olds were in a separate category. Over a period of time (five years) parents made a time use diary. The diary included the hours children spent watching television and what shows they watched. The diary was also supposed to discuss other activities children did over the course of time.
When researchers obtained the diaries they made categories of television shows that the children watched. They were put into educational, nonviolent entertainment, and violent entertainment. Nonviolent entertainment is not violent and not educational, and violent entertainment is violent and not educational. When the researchers went through the TV shows they also had to categorize them into cognitive informative and social informative; also had to decide if there was any type of violent content. The cognitive informative is where the show teaches children a lesson. Social informative is where it would teach children a behavior that is appropriate to use for friends, teachers, and family.
The whole point of the article is to prove that television has an impact on young children. The authors do a good job of bringing up the counterargument. The counterargument is that people say all television is harmful for young children, but this article tells us about these particular TV shows that help with childhood learning. Winnie the Pooh and Barney are two examples of shows that are helpful to the learning process for children. Its shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos, and Space Jam that will be more harmful to children.
Throughout the article there were some...

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