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Adhd and Children Essay

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  • on March 12, 2013
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ADHD and The Way to Help Children
Quinton Bryson
March 10, 2013

ADHD and the Way to Help Children

ADHD is a debilitating disorder with many long term ramifications if it goes unchecked by a professional. As an adult with ADD and a child with ADHD, I have learned a lot about this disease and what it can do. ADHD is a disorder that is simply termed hyperactivity, but goes much deeper than that. This illness is termed for children; they have a hard time focusing on menial tasks and complicated issues as well. They are often very fidgety and impulsive, and has a constant need to be moving in some fashion. This can include always moving, lack of control, and a consistent need to be doing something, sometimes to the child detriment. This disorder has an impact on about five percent of all school age children, and in that same aspect at least one of the parents will have a similar disorder. This is a genetic pass down from generation to generation.
      There is no real evidence how a child can get ADHD, but there is evidence that supports biological factors, Children that have this disease show altered brain function when it comes to shifting attention.   This deficiency appears to have connection to the frontal lobe. This lobe transmits signals to the brain to solve a problem and it gets disrupted.   The lobe sends signal to unrelated area that can not help with problem solving. Family interaction and social experiences may be important to the treatment of this disorder. The parent must use management skills to help the child get use to a routine and be more productive. (Morris & Maisto, 2010)
      There are a lot of different treatments that can help with ADHD; the most common treatment is medication. Some of these medications help with concentration. Stimulant drugs are the most common medication. Stimulant drugs, also known as psychostimulants,   These stimulants do not decrease the hyperactivity, but instead increase the brain...

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