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A Sorrowful Woman Essay

  • Submitted by: kbattle79
  • on July 15, 2012
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Katisha Battle

“A Sorrowful Woman”

  1.   I was impressed with both writings. The excerpt from A Secret Sorrow and “A Sorrowful Woman” were both well written pieces about a woman who is struggling with a deep depression inside. I would not say that either woman is more likeable to me than the other, but I would say that I tend to have for sympathy for Godwin’s unnamed wife, because her depression overtakes her whereas Faye seems to recover and has a better moral support from her mate. My response to the characters and these stories is more of an emotional base. I have sorrow for the struggles these women have, and as a mother I have greater empathy for them.
  2. In A Secret Sorrow I found Kai’s devotion and love to Faye very appealing. It was his love that made the difference for her. The passage where he states, ‘Look at me, Faye.   I want you to stop thinking of yourself as a machine with a defect. You’re not a damaged piece of merchandise, you hear?’(37) was a standout to me, because it emphasized his desire to reassure her that not being able to have a baby did not make her less of a woman. In “A Sorrowful Woman” I found it appealing of the lengths that the husband took to nurture his wife the passage that states “With great care he rearranged his life.” (41) shows his dedication to her and making sure she had what she wanted. While it was appealing to see his love for her, it also did not appeal to me to see that instead of trying to get her help she needed, he just placated to her depression until it overtook her.
  3. The two women’s attitudes toward family life differ because while Faye is upset because she does not have a child and desperately want to give one to Kai, Godwin’s unnamed wife is upset and desperately trying to escape from the child and husband and life as a mother she already has. The problem for Faye is being able to realize that she can have a child by other means than natural birth and to give Kai the chance to show her that he...

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