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A Day When Everything Went Wrong Essay

Below is an essay on "A Day When Everything Went Wrong" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I was very nervous, since morning, as I had my Math-B O’level exam at 10:00 am. I wanted make sure I was on time in the exam hall, so I had taken my car and started my journey a bit earlier. After traveling for a while, my car’s engine died in the middle of the road. Therefore, I had to take a bus but after a while I had to face the biggest misery when my bus got stuck in the traffic. I was getting nervous as the exam time was getting closer. After crossing all the traffic when I reached my exam hall, I was already 10 minutes late. Fortune did not favor me yet as I was unable to find my seat in the gigantic hall room. As a result, I was running here and there but after sometime an exam instructor helped me to find my seat. When I was about to start my exam I was already 20 minutes late and was left with just 1 hour. I could not finish my exam due to lack of time and it was a complete disaster. When I came out of the hall, I started walking by the side of the road with disappointment.   Meanwhile, a fast car came from behind and it hit me, which made a loud sound of crash. The pedestrians on the road found me bleeding badly and they took me to a hospital. I could feel that my left leg was broken and I was crying out of pain. After a while, when I felt better I was thinking of my luck which did not favor me at all for the whole day.

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