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A Comment On Araby Essay

  • Submitted by: dudsiju5392
  • on January 3, 2010
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With regards to character, the anonymous boy is obviously a round character. The hero is quite innocent with a mixture of passionate love and religious piety, he acts like a chivalrous knight who wants to bring something to his princess. However, he is mocked inexorably by the adult society, because his romance love is smashed by the magnitude discrepancy between the vulgar reality and his holy dream, and his powerlessness and helplessness to change the cold reality and to realize his dream is clearly foreshadowed. Experiencing bitterness and hardship grown-up journey, the boy awakens himself and takes his first step into the adulthood, and transforms himself from dreamful, pure adolescent life to the Dubliners’ adult one, featured by banality, vulgarity, and numbness. Meanwhile, there are two flat characters worth mentioning: one is the girl who enchants the lad. In boy’s part, she is a saint and beauty to be worshipped, she is a holly virgin, and she is the lady in romance pursued by a knight. The other flat character is boy’s uncle, who is negligent and indifferent to the boy’s anguish and impatience, is a typical character delegating the paralysis adult Dubliner.
To start with, Araby, the short story, can be divided into three stages as far as plot is concerned. The first stage presents readers a general impression of Dubliners at that time, their tedious routine life and their benumbed spiritual state. This part is a foreshadowing one that makes the story developed as well as makes its ending more reasonable and predictable. The second stage displays the protagonist falls in love with Mangan’s sister, a neighborhood girl. He is driven by the feeling of a confused mixture of adolescent impulse and of sacred adoration, so he determines to go forth to Araby, the mysterious bazaar, and brings back a gift to please his beloved. The last stage makes the story reach its climax. The boy, though kept late due to waiting for his uncle, is on his holly crusade and...

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