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01.07 Essay

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01.07 Accuracy and Precision: Balance Lab Worksheet
Before You Begin: You may either copy and paste this document into a word processing program of your choice or print this page.


      Access the virtual lab and complete the experiments. 


    • Below is the table that you will complete for the virtual lab. Either type your results into this table or print the table from the virtual lab (it must be submitted to receive full credit for this assignment.)
    • To print from the virtual lab.
        1. Be sure the data table is viewable.
        2. Right-click (PC) or Command-Click (Mac) on the table and select print.
|Part I: Density of Unknown Liquid                                                           |
|                                               |Trial 1       |Trial 2       |Trial 3         |
|Mass of Empty 10 mL graduated cylinder (grams) |25.75 g       |25.75 g       | 25.75 g         |
|Volume of liquid (milliliters)                 |8.69 mL       |8.50 mL       |8.69 mL         |
|Mass of graduated cylinder and liquid (grams)   |36.58 g       |36.42 g       |36.58 g         |
|Part II: Density of Irregular-Shaped Solid                                                   |
|Mass of solid                                  |42.454 g     |39.016 g     |41.544 g         |
|(grams)                                         |             |             |                 |
|Volume of water (milliliters)                   |50.0 mL       |48.8 mL       |50.9 mL         |
|Volume of water and solid (milliliters)         |54.9 mL       |53.2 mL       |55.8 mL         |
|Part III: Density of Regular-Shaped Solid                                                   |
|Mass of solid (grams)                           |27.74 g       |25.79 g       |25.78 g         |
|Length of solid (centimeters)                   |5.28 cm       |5.01 cm       |4.50 cm         |
|Width of solid (centimeters)                   |2.89 cm       |4.01 cm       |3.53 cm...

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