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0-2 Observation Essay

  • Submitted by: weizhang
  • on October 28, 2012
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Section II:
1.Dynamic systems theory (Adolph, Karasik, & Tamis-LeMonda, 2010; Thelen & Smith, 2006).
Infants assemble motor skills for perceiving and acting, which are coupled together. In order to develop motor skills, infants must perceive something in the environment that motivates them to act, then use their perceptions to fine-tune their movements. Motor skills thus present solution to the infant's goals. No matter what the kids do their behaviors reflect their aims. Such as kids are trying to climb to the high places to get the toys they want, kids are trying to touch the picture and point it to others, and they can stand and kick a ball without falling and stand and throw a ball. Both the gross motor skills (e.g. Moving their arms and walking) and fine motor skills (e.g. Grasping a toy, using a spoon, or anything that requires finger dexterity) can be seen during their movement.
Erikson (1968) stressed that independence is an important issue in the second year of life. Erikson's second stage of development is identified as autonomy versus shame and doubt. Autonomy builds as the infant's mental and motor abilities develop. At this point, not only can infants walk, but they can also climb, open and close, drop, push and pull, and hold and let go. From my observation I found that the kids have the ability to put several toys into a basket. And they can also open the door of the cabinet. What's more the boy who climbed to the high place successfully was yelled and very excited. They feel pride in these new accomplishments and want to do everything themselves.
By age 2, children can use language to define their feeling states and the context that is upsetting them (Kopp,2011).During my observation I found that the boy who was kept dropping his spoon was angry and shouted " No, No " when the caregiver stop his behavior. Besides, the boy who was not willing to wash his hands also show his impatience to the caregiver and show no response to the caregiver's...

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